Political Bio

Jeffers M. Dodge President PopModal.com

Jeffers M. Dodge President PopModal.com

Jeffers Dodge been working in the music industry since 1976 not as a musician but working behind the scenes in the following areas:

  • Acoustic and Recording Engineer
  • Music Producer
  • A&R Rep/Staff Producer for Elektra Records
  • Major Studio Builder
  • Major Studio Owner
  • Music Video Director
  • Film Editor
  • Web Site Developer
  • Artist Development

In 2004 Mr. Dodge switched out of the music industry and into political activism, taking his accumulated talents and passion and applying them to issues and politicians. The following websites and video work represent much of what he has accomplished in Los Angeles County in the last two years. Conservative website operations.

Conservative documentaries produced, directed & edited

We asked Mr. Dodge what are some of his core beliefs? “I believe in free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, community service, a strong national defense and the rule of law. I will not sign on to any legislation that weakens the institution of the family. I strive to live my life according to the word of Jesus Christ. I believe the least among us can rise to the top!”

We asked him what he is trying to accomplish? “To provide a Pro-American Pop Culture alternative to the Marxist influenced destructive Pop Culture that has become Main Stream in America.To work with our community leaders to eliminate the moral relativism in enertianment and education, to achieve lower taxes, less government regulation, and a safe, secure place to live.”

And finally we asked him how he was going to achieve these goals? “I will commit my talents and abilities to serve my community by serving God and the Conservative Movement.

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