Epicure Music, Inc.


MARCH 1987


Dear Reviewer:

Enclosed you will find the Epicure Music, Inc. Business Plan. The information contained in these financial and narrative descriptions are a result of three years of research; research into the products themselves and research into the market in which they will be introduced. The financial and narrative descriptions details the strength of the management team, the marketability of the products, endorsements from artists, producers, and engineers, and the business and marketing strategy as well as financial projections upon which much of the sales forecasts are based.

The idea to commercially exploit Mr. Dodge’s inventions came from the realization of the limitless potential of computer technology as it relates to the music industry. Once Epicure enters the marketplace with its new innovations and establishes itself as a legitimate player in product sales, the ability to expand its product line with new and better equipment will become relatively effortless due to the consistently changing field of micro–electronics.

The Company’s products are tools that the recording session participants can use to achieve the best sonic presentation available. These products are not “fads”, they are computer-based tools that allow the musician, producer, and engineer more flexibility and more time to be creative. These tools will become the standard— completely replacing what is currently available.

The individuals involved in this entertainment industry are unique; they are the writers, producers, performers, and the technicians. These are the people we intend to reach with our marketing efforts. Trade magazines, conventions and word of mouth have provided the best results for our competitors. Epicure’s intention is to have an intense and broad based advertisement campaign equal to that of our most successful competitors.

The business plan was written with the layman in mind. The product’s market is comprised of the highly technical personnel and environments that make–up the “behind the scenes” activities that music listeners and the viewing public never see. Whenever possible, cross references are provided either to qualify information or give the reviewer additional background material.

The financial assumptions in the business plan are made based on data accumulated from sources represented in the appendixes. Distribution figures are based on interviews with National Sales Managers from the industry. Unit costs and scheduling are derived from interviews from the manufacturers that will be licensed to produce the products. Management believes that the distribution and sales figures are generally conservative and represent only the U.S. market, and at best represent only one half of the worldwide potential.

The first chapter of the business plan offers a summary describing the Company, products, the entertainment industry, and management personnel. Chapter Two contains information discussing the problem the new products solve, including conventional methods and why we are the first with the new technology. Chapter Three includes a detailed description on each of the products including software updates and ancillary products. Chapter Four outlines the results of our market research—describing each market the Company intends to exploit. In this chapter the reviewer is provided a sense of the size and make–up of the music and recording industry. Chapter Five discusses market share and demographics and how we intend to develop each product for its particular market. Also included is the dollar value for each percentage point of market-share. Chapter Six defines the business development strategy, with financial projections and their descriptive assumptions including the Use of Proceeds, Profit and Loss Statements and Cash Flow analysis. Also, you will find more detail on the management, how much financing is required to implement the business plan, the patents, R&D, Manufacturing, Business Plan Objectives, and much more. Chapter Seven describes the market philosophy including trends, competition, quality, pricing strategy, and positioning. The eighth and final chapter details the marketing strategy the Company has developed—creating a road map on how management intends to deliver the products to the marketplace utilizing advertising and promotion to reach the targeted demographics in the most expedient and cost effective means. The Appendixes include reference material as support and back–up for the assumptions within the business plan.

We hope you find the Epicure Music, Inc. Business Plan interesting. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss your views and comments regarding our proposal. Any suggestions will be warmly received.

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