About Mr. Dodge


Jeffers MacArthur Dodge is an engineer, producer, music video director, editor and a Conservative activist.

He has taken some time off to enter politics because he clearly sees threats to the world in which he has grown up. Especially since he is a father and since September 11. 2001 and specifically from the Left.

He believes that 80% of the Democrats are true Americans and the other 20% want to see this country under a socialist style of utopian one-world government. A world void of borders and ruled by an elite class that does not believe in private property, possessions, heaven or hell, greed or evil, just a brotherhood of men where all are equal except for the lucky devils that get the corner apartment and office with windows. The alternative Class Warfare.

He was an anti-war protester camping in Flamingo Park with the Yippies and doing his best to disrupt the 1972 Republican National Convention. Remember the delay in the first day of delegate voting? How about that tear gas when Nixon got out of his helicopter? He was 17 at the time and claims that his actions back then are his only regrets.

He feels he was conned by the anti-war movement organized by the Communist Party. When he was in Washington to protest the 2nd inauguration of President Nixon he did not realize that the man had breakfast every morning with his grandfather during the Eisenhower administration. When he did find out, he reconsidered.

He feels that the same dark forces stoked the flames of the feminist movement that he believes is directly responsible for the decline of western civilization. During the seventies it wasn’t cool to graduate school and marry a man and have children: “Could you imagine having to breast feed while trying to compete with men? Why thats not an equal treatment. Men clearly have the advantage.”

By the time these woman figured they were wrong they were to tied up in their careers and their foolish pride to admit their mistakes, so they suffered quietly. Little did they know, or want to know, they too were conned to go against their natural instinct to maintain the civilization that built the greatest nation on Earth.

Here is some lyrics to one of Jeffers favorite songs “Say What You Mean” by Walter Trout.

I can hear you talking,
I don’t know what you’re saying.
I can see your lips a moving,
but the truth gets in your way.

Who do you think your fooling,
when you are lying to yourself.
You’d better stop and think about it,
before you lie to someone else.

So say what you mean and mean what you say,
you know your going to get lost in your foolish pride.
Reap what you sow,
brother don’t you know,
you can run, but you got no where to hide.

Mr. Dodge believes that the problems we are facing today, illegal immigration, the Islamic threat and weak leadership, are the direct result of premeditated multifaceted attacks by “the enemy within.” They are using our own institutions to breakdown the one value that differentiates our Nation from any other — That God is a higher power than Government.

But Mr. Dodge is an optimist and recognizes that a worldwide movement away from communism and socialism is underway by evidence of the decline of the Chinese Communist Party and the Free Market Think Tanks popping up all over Russia. His grandfather, Joseph Morrell Dodge, who negotiated face to face with the Communists in Austria after Word War II about the fate of Europe, was quoted as saying “Communists are nothing but Socialist in a hurry.”

Mr. Dodge believes in the core tenants of the Republican Party and will do what ever it takes to support the Constitution of the United States as a fixed document. This is why he ran for California State Legislature. He knew he could not win but he also knew that on many levels he could be more effective as a candidate spreading the word to as many people as possible.

Mr. Dodge is in the streets… Speaking, rallying, protesting, and good old debating. He has been pushed around, shoved on the ground, spit on and called all sorts of names. He has been known to stand face to face with Left Wingers for hours at a time not saying a word just waiting for the first first punch. He sees the Communist straight up and well financed through international unions and other sources. Organizations such as A.N.S.W.E.R. and the Communist Party USA are aggravating the illegal immigration problem by throwing tons of money at spanish speaking media outlets IN AMERICA.

6 responses to “About Mr. Dodge

  • aron pieman kay

    i am surprised at you!!! i was in the zippies that summer in flamingo park and i recall the tear gas that night on collins avenue……do you regret those days in the park? please share your feelings

  • George

    You are spot on Jeffers….we all have to grow up sooner or later! It’s an ugly world out there and the USA plays by the rules…nobody else does.

  • Pete

    Very, very, interesting. I have been reading about your grandfather, a bit here and there, for some time. You have the patience of your Grandfather. If I had to Stand FTF with Left Wingers…. I’d end up shooting myself. My grandfather used to share what the communists where up to, when I was a kid. And he always spoke very highly of your grandfather. I am gonna have to find time to read more of your thoughts.

  • Allison

    Jeffers, are you aware that Pete, above, is your cousin? His grandfather and your grandfather are brothers. His thinking on the subject is very
    strong and very similar to yours, a kindred spirit you might say. He is in
    NC but working hard to return home to CA. Your cousin, Allison

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