Jeffers M. Dodge, Content Creator, Conservative Consultant, Founder PopModal Videos

Jeffers M. Dodge has been in the artist development sector of the Hollywood entertainment industry since 1976.  The birth of his son in 1993 and the events on September 11, 2001 led him to a more profound use of his passion in the support of the Conservative Movement and a better future for his son.

Since March of 2004, Mr. Dodge has developed a considerable grassroots network in Los Angeles County. In 2004 he started a small “Republican Insurgency” outfit called PopUpUSA that quickly became the most successful and unique independent voter registration outfit in all of California. By building websites, directing documentaries, motivating volunteers and publishing a over 60 monthly newsletters he developed a 90,000 plus email list of Republicans, Independents and Democrats voters in Los Angeles County. This grassroots operation is now called “The Los Angeles Conservatives Alliance.”

After the Bush/Cheney victory in 2004 Mr. Dodge ran for California’s 47th State Assembly in 2006 with major endorsements from Tom McCintock, Chuck Devore, Tony Strickland and Ann Coulter among others. He served as a Member of the Executive Committee of both the California Republican Party and the Republican Party of Los Angles.

Dodge’s creative talents from the entertainment business and his political activism combined with the frustration of constantly being outwitted by the MSM sparked a vision. A video distribution portal that would become the Conservative Alternative to YouTube. Since it conception in 2008 PopModal’s members have uploaded more than 14,000 videos all containing a Conservative message that has been delivered to 10’s of millions visitors.

PopModal is a family oriented website. No X rated, no gratuitous violence, no foul language, no defamation of character and no videos that defame or tear down America. “We exist at the crossroads of Politics, Culture, Education, Economics and the Military.”

In 2012 Mr. Dodge organized the widely successful Wake Up America 212 Rally featuring Dennis Prager and Madison Rising. Other speakers include Ben Shapiro, Ted Hayes and Bill Whittle. We had 30 sponsors, 500 donors, 12 speakers, a rock band and 4,500 people people in attendance throughout the day.

Mr. Dodge knows how to throw events… In 2014 he arranged for a private top secret after show party for Senator Ted Cruz immediately following his appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He has organized several of similar events for his friend Ann Coulter. Mr. Dodge has an extensive email and social network which he uses to promote the ideals of Liberty.

There is more to come in the future… stay tuned, stay involved.


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I am an anti Socialist, anti Marxist, anti Big Government rugged individual; which is to say I am a Free Market Capitalist, wrapped in the U.S. Constitution and would give my life, like those brave soldiers before me, defending Freedom so others may dwell in its God given glory. View all posts by JeffersMDodge

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